Welcome to my page

Welcome To My Page!

[My father, Dan Marsh, served in the Marine Corps in World War 2. First in the 4th Raider battalion and then in the 4th Marines, 6th Marine Division. After the war he met and married my Mother, joined the Marine Corps reserves, and ended up serving a year in Korea, including the Chosin Reservoir¬†Campaign. Here is what he wrote for this site when it first went up in 1998. It was the first site on the internet to be solely devoted to the Raiders and is still the “original Marine Raider website.” ¬†I’m also happy to note that www.usmcraiders.com now brings you here and I’ll be updating the site as quickly as I can in my spare time- Louie Marsh]

I have used Gung-Ho to welcome you to my personal Web site because it characterizes what these pages are all about. The United States Marine Raiders. The word from the Chinese means literally “Work together,” but has been corrupted to mean something less.

The Raiders understood the meaning of the word and lived out “work together” in training and combat. However, they would define it another way, “lookout for the man on your right and the man on your left.” They realized nothing was of more importance in any life situation and it remains deeply ingrained in their character today.


There exist today official histories of Marine Raider operations as well fictional and nonfictional accounts of their activities.  I am not qualified, neither is it my intention to supplement such histories and records. These pages are personal, based entirely on my reaction and evaluation of events in my experience as I witnessed them, understood them and remember them. Supplemental information is provided from various sources in the public domain.


DISCLAIMER: This site has not been authorized, endorsed or reviewed by the office of the Commandant of the United States Marine Corps or any other branch of The Department of Defense.

Also it has not been reviewed or approved by The United States Marine Raider Association of which I am a member